How it works

Fast & Secure

Speed comes from simplicity with software functions that can be fully trained from the first 2 to 3 checks.  Security is another issue, the software doesn't hold sensitive customer data and the security standards are beyond requirements.


Each business is unique just like the owners that run them. Many companies promote their cookie cutter systems, and force owners to adjust.  But a system that is customized can truly help run a business.

The best support is when the system doesn't need support.  Our reliable systems make sure that you don't need support.  But when you do, our 2 to 3 minute average support ticket completion makes sure that the system doesn't slow you down.

Awesome Support

"The system is very

simple and easy"

From EVERY client

Blue POS was founded to bridge the gap between POS systems & businesses.  We are bringing customized solutions at a reasonable price to truly integrate a POS solution to our clients. 

Our Story

Our vision is simple. Blue POS is seeking to bring a high-quality, reliable, & customized POS solution to each and every client.

Our Vision

Technology is a key factor in building a reliable system.  But we make sure not to get too ahead to keep both speed and simplicity.


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